General Education/SWS

The Geography and Planning courses listed below are part of the GVSU General Education program. Descriptions of General Education requirements can be found on the GVSU home page or on the General Education web page at


  • Mathematical Sciences Foundations:
    • GPY200 Computer Cartography.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Foundations:
    • GPY220 Cultural Geography.
    • GPY235 World Regional Geography.


  • U.S. Diversity:
    • GPY353 Geography of U.S. and Canada.
  • World Perspectives:
    • GPY235 World Regional Geography.
    • GPY324 Urbanization.
    • GPY350 Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors.
    • GPY351 Geography of Africa.
    • GPY352 Geography of Latin America.
    • GPY355 Geography of the Middle East (Southwest Asia).
    • GPY356 Geography of Europe.
    • GPY 362 Farmers, Crops, and Our Challenging Agricultural World.


  • GPY209 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning.
  • GPY324 (formerly SS324) Urbanization.
  • GPY335 Globalization and Development.
  • GPY350 Geography of Russia and its Neighbors.
  • GPY 353 Geography of the United States and Canada.
  • GPY 354 Geography and the Globalization of Asia.
  • GPY 355 Geography of Southwest Asia (The Middle East).
  • GPY356 Geography of Europe.
  • GPY361 Historical Geography of the Amazon.
  • GPY 363 World Forests and Their Use.
  • GPY385 Economic Geography of the United States.
  • GPY410 Landscape Analysis.
  • GPY412 Global Environmental Change.


  • Globalization:
  • GPY354 Geography and Globalization of Asia.
  • GPY362 Farmers, Crops, and Our Challenging Agricultural World.
  • Information, Innovation and Technology:
  • GPY365 GIS for Economic and Business Decision Making.
  • Sustainability:
  • GPY412 Global Environmental Change.

Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS)

  • GPY495 Capstone in Geography and Planning.

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