Description of the major

Students majoring in geography are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours. All students must complete three core courses (GPY 100, GPY 220, GPY300, and GPY 495). The remainder of the requirements (27 credit hours) is comprised of electives that students select in close consultation with their academic advisor.

Students generally focus their electives beyond the core courses in certain academic areas. For example:

  1. Geographic Techniques (Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Image Processing, and Cartography).
  2. City and Regional Planning.
  3. Environmental Geography/Environmental Studies.
  4. Regional (Area) Studies.

A certain breadth across these areas is advantageous in order to provide flexibility and marketability for employment and/or acceptance by a graduate school. Consult with a Geography and Planning advisor to tailor a program that reflects your specific needs and interests. No more than six hours of 399 and 499 combined may count toward the major.

Students may earn either a B.A. or B.S. degree.

The B.A. degree requires third semester proficiency in a foreign language. The B.S. degree requirement is comprised of three courses: STA 215, STA 216, and GPY 300. If your catalog is prior to Fall 2012 the BS degree is slightly different: STA 215, GPY 300, and either GPY 407, 410, 412, or 470 depending on the students area of focus. Please see an advisor to answer any questions.

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