Do I need to collect assessment data from every section of the course?
No. Please collect data from at least one section. If you want to collect data from more than one section wed be delighted to have more data.

How often will data be collected?
You must collect the data once every three years. See for the collection schedule.

Do I have to collect the data from all students in the class or just a sample of the students?
All the students in the section you choose.

Who picks the sections?
The Unit. Ultimately, the Unit is responsible for all assessment activities related to the General Education courses they offer.

Does the instructor for the selected sections have to be a tenure-track faculty member?

Do I have to write objectives and collect data for ALL the skills and content goals?

Do I have to achieve the goals for both categories if the course counts in more than one category (double-dips)?

Do I have to measure student learning for both written and oral communication?
Only Theme courses have to do both. Foundation and Culture courses can do one or the other.

How many measures do I need for each objective/outcome?
Write one measure per objective. The SAME measure may be used for more than one objective; you can assess information literacy, writing, and a content objective using one paper, but you have to report each score separately. For example a student might receive a 3.5 for information literacy, 2.6 for writing, and a 3.7 for the content objective.

How will I report the results?
A spreadsheet will be electronically distributed to you during the semester. It contains the students in your course and the goals that the course needs to achieve. You will enter a score (any number between 0-4) for each of the goals and email it back to at the end of the semester (Details on what constitutes a 4 will be distributed with the spreadsheet.) This data collection process has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board. Collection of assessment data for individual students is in compliance with FERPA.

What happens after the data are collected?
We will enter it into a database and produce a summary report for you. You will be asked to provide a short report expected to include:

  • Background - Course, term, goals, objectives/outcomes, and measures.

  • Results - The summary of student scores for each goal (well provide this for you).

  • Analysis - A short analysis describing what you learned.

  • Action - Describe any changes youd like to make the next time the course is taught.

More details will be distributed to the faculty collecting data.

Can I change my Assessment Plan?
You can revise your plan and resubmit it to your Unit and the General Education Subcommittee at any time.

Page last modified August 11, 2014