FAQ for Students Starting at GVSU Before Fall 2014

I have taken two courses in Themes and the new quick guide shows one of the courses is now falling under the Issues category. Do I need to take another course?

No, you do not. If you have satisfied your Theme requirement with two theme courses, two issues courses, or one from each (within two different disciplines) you do not need to take another course.

If I began attending GVSU before fall of 2014 can I transfer in Themes courses?
For a student who started at GVSU before Fall 2014, they can continue to transfer in any course that remains a Themes course.

If I take a course at another institution that transfers as an Issues course, will this count towards the Issues requirement?
No. Issues courses can only be taken at GVSU.

If I transfer to GVSU in the fall of 2014, can I get Themes credit for courses I took at my previous institution?
No. You must complete your Issues requirement at GVSU.

How do I meet the "Junior standing" prerequisite?
For class standing, a junior is defined as a student who has earned 55-84 credits. For prerequisite checking, a student must have completed or will have completed at least 55 credits prior to taking the course. However, they can register for the class while the final credits are in progress.


Page last modified August 7, 2014