COVID-19 Return to Work FWA

As employees begin to return to campus in such uncertain times, Flexible Work Arrangements can be used to phase back into a normal 8-5 workday. As we adapt to the surrounding changes, written plans for the proposed flexible work arrangement should be submitted electronically to your immediate supervisor and will require approval and electronic signatures from both your immediate supervisor and appointing officer. This will help to facilitate understanding between all involved parties. Be sure to review all FWA options and guidelines before submitting your proposed flexible work arrangement. 

These forms are for all employees returning to work for the ramp up period to on campus operations due to COVID-19. COVID-19 FWA's should be monitored, maintained, and tracked by your immediate supervisor. Only FWAs with a reduction in hours worked should be submitted to Human Resources by email (

All COVID-19 FWAs will not be long-standing agreements, the supervisor or employee can terminate the agreement at any time. Communication is critical to the success of a FWA. The written plan document will also provide an essential key to refer back to during the course of the FWA.

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<p> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-block " href="/cms4/asset/760022B8-F71D-F02E-64AB9448CA5531E1/covid-19_telecommuting.pdf" target="_blank">COVID-19 Telecommuting Form</a></p>