9 and 10 Month Arrangements

A 9 and 10 month work arrangement allows full-time staff members to apply annually to reduce their 12-month work schedule to a 9 or 10 month period of time where job responsibilities permit. During the corresponding months of leave, the staff member retains eligibility for benefit plans. These arrangements work well when positions are in support of 9-month faculty appointments or in departments with fluctuating work demands. At the end of the leave, the staff member is expected to return to their full work schedule and position.


  • Where the work design permits, and with the concurrence of the supervisor/manager and the respective dean or equivalent, full-time status can be retained, providing the individual works at least 75 percent full-time equivalency.
  • These arrangements work particularly well when staff positions are in support of 9-month faculty appointments or in employing departments where there are fluctuating work demands.
  • Staff member has extended period of time to focus on personal needs.


  • It may be difficult and take additional time to adjust to the work culture after the time away from work.
  • No pay for the period away from work, unless the time away from work is covered by accrued vacation or holidays. This means your overall annual salary will be reduced.
  • If a FWA is agreed to, typically a staff member will be able to return to their original work arrangement.  However, this should be discussed during the approval process. 

Page last modified September 2, 2014