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25th Annual Teaching Life Retreat: Unraveling Faculty Burnout - 2-Day Event

25th Annual Teaching Life Retreat: Unraveling Faculty Burnout - 2-Day Event

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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This two-day retreat will be held in person at the Frederik Meijer Gardens, Hauenstien and Pfeiffer rooms. Lunch will be included on Tuesday, June 20.

Monday, June 19, 1 - 5PM - Pfeiffer Room
Tuesday, June 20, 9AM - 5PM - Hauenstein Room


Career vitality as an academic is a journey that requires faculty to be not only agile, but also human and vulnerable at times. It must be acknowledged that everything is not always awesome in higher ed and that paying attention to faculty wellness and well-being are essential in a career journey.

Burnout occurs when chronic workplace stress has not been acknowledged and/or managed successfully for a variety of reasons. Feelings of energy depletion and exhaustion, negativism or cynicism towards one’s job, and reduced confidence in one’s work are symptoms frequently associated with faculty burnout. While discussing it can be difficult because of the stigma around mental health and well-being, burnout is real. It often becomes chronic because of faculty expectations to appear “iron clad” resistant to visible signs of vulnerability.

Guided by the book Unraveling Faculty Burnout (Pope-Ruark, 2022), retreat participants will engage in meaningful discussions about cultural factors that contribute to burnout and spend time reflecting on personal factors which may contribute as well. In addition, faculty will explore strategies for understanding and addressing faculty burnout through elements of purpose, compassion, connection and balance.

Lunch will be provided on Tuesday and participants will have access to the Gardens on both days, including Tuesday evening following the retreat.

Registration is limited to 20 participants and is open to all Faculty.

Register in Sprout by June 9, 2023.


For questions contact [email protected] or Dana Munk, [email protected].

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