Stacey Burns, programs and operations manager, University Libraries

Stacey Burns is enjoying zir new position as the programs and operations manager with University Libraries. Burns uses gender neutral pronouns ze/zir.

Burns started at Grand Valley’s Art Gallery as the programs manager in 2013, and is excited about having a broader outreach with the new position.

“In this role I still get to connect with our community in support of the university curriculum and visual literacy, but as the Libraries work with information in all its forms, I’m inspired by the diverse, student-centered programming we can create,” Burns said.

Burns earned a bachelor's degree in public history with an emphasis in museum studies from Western Michigan University in 2003, and has since worked for a number of history and art museums in the area, including the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

headshot of stacey burns

Stacey Burns 

For University Libraries, Burns' tasks include programming, events, operations and managing the exhibition space on the atrium level of the Mary Idema Pew Library.

“In this new role, I’m excited to dive deep into all that’s happening across campus and engage with our community in learning opportunities regarding social justice, intellectual growth, creativity, and critical thinking,” Burns said.

Ze connected with Grand Valley’s messages while working for the Art Gallery and said the university's core values, particularly inclusiveness and inquiry, are the roots of zir work. 

Burns is a member of the Positive Organizations Community of Practice and the Mindfulness Task Force on campus. Ze contributes toward Grand Valley’s mindfulness initiative through programs including the Looking with Intent series, Visual Thinking Strategies sessions, and a “Thinking about Looking” workshop in coordination with Pew FTLC and the Art Gallery.

More information about the Mindfulness Task Force can be found online at gvsu.edu/hro/benefitswellness.