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Family Owned Business Institute

Are you from a family business? Or are you interested in family businesses? The Seidman College of Business’s Family Owned Business Institute’s mission is to champion and serve family owned businesses through education, research, and advocacy.

We also offer a course in family business where we teach our students in-depth knowledge about family business related topics. Our class develops the intricate connections between management, ownership, and family dynamics that characterize family business. And we intend to do this primarily by bringing together established members of the local family owned business community and students with family business backgrounds or interests.

ana and students

Course Information

Name: Family Business

Couse Number: MGT437

Time: Tuesdays 6PM-8:50PM

Ana and students


Ana C.Gonzalez 


Family Owned Business Institute

Phone: (616) 331-7539         

Fax: (616)-331-7339                           



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