Personal Training


  • One-on-one coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Unique programming tailored to clients’ fitness goals
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Gain knowledge and skills, while building confidence

Personal Training


If interested in personal training services, please complete the following:

Package Pricing


Each session will include a 1-hour meeting with a Personal Trainer.

  • 5 sessions – $100
  • 10 sessions – $200
  • 15 sessions – $275
  • 20 sessions - $375



Each session will include a 1-hour meeting with a Personal Trainer.

  • 5 sessions – $200
  • 10 sessions – $350
  • 15 sessions – $500
  • 20 sessions – $675 


All personal training sessions are non-transferable, non-refundable.

Personal training sessions are valid up to 6 months after purchase date.

All participants will be subject to a medical health history questionnaire and possible health care provider consent.

Meet the Personal Trainers


Kyle Meade

Degree- B.S. in Exercise Science

Why did you become a personal trainer? I became a personal trainer to help others understand that we are all a work-in-progress and it's never too late to get going in the right direction.

Hobbies - If I am not watching a sporting event I'm binge-watching the office on Netflix or any medical show on Hulu.

Favorite exercise - Dumbbell shoulder press 


Christian Reasoner

Major - Exercise Science

Why did you become a personal trainer? I seek to help others change their lives for the better.

Favorite healthy snack - Rice cakes with peanut butter

Favorite exercise - Squat


Kit Toenniges

Major - Exercise Science

Why did you become a personal trainer? I believe there is a lack of education in the health and wellness field and I want to help others feel the very best they can.

Hobbies - Hiking, running, and cooking healthy meals

Words to live by - Hydration and communication. 

Program Policies and Procedures

Payment: Campus Recreation charges a fee for services rendered by personal trainers. All services can be purchased anytime throughout the year at the Fitness & Wellness Services office, located on the lower level of the Recreation Center. Personal trainers are prohibited from receiving direct payment of any kind. Payment must be received before you will be scheduled for your first personal training session.

Expiration: All personal training packages expire 120 days from the date of purchase if unused or 120 days from the last completed session. Personal training sessions are void after this time period. All personal training packages are non- refundable (see refund policy) and non-transferable.

Refund: Personal training packages are refundable only in cases of; termination of university employment; formal leave of absence and sabbaticals (documentation is required); changes in medical condition resulting in physical limitations (physician letter required). Click HERE to view our refund policy.

Late: If the client arrives of more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled appointment, the personal trainer has the right to cancel the session. All sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes and will end one hour from the scheduled start time.

Cancellation: If you must cancel or reschedule a training session, please notify your personal trainer directly by phone and/or email at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled training session. Personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or canceled at least 12 hours in advance by the client will result in forfeiture of the session.

Registration: The completed personal training registration packet must be received before you will be scheduled for an initial appointment (intake and assessment) with a certified personal trainer. The completed registration packet must be returned to the campus recreation main office. Upon receipt of these materials, a member of our staff will contact you via email and/or phone within 72 hours to schedule your initial appointment.

Personal Trainers: All personal trainers must be employed by Campus Recreation. GVSU Campus Recreation holds the exclusive right to all personal training in the facility. Any personal trainers not employed by GVSU Campus Recreation are not permitted to train clients in our facility. If we suspect that you are training clients in our facility, you may be asked to leave or have your Recreation Center privileges revoked or suspended.

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