Meet the Swim Instructors

Emma Strasberger, Campus Recreation Swim Instructor

Emma S.

Majors: Exercise Science & Dance

Graduation: Spring/Summer 2020

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Favorite Activities: Dancing, swimming, and working out

Grace Branding - Campus Recreation Swim Instructor

Grace B.

Major: Liberal Studies

Graduation: Winter 2021

Hometown: Caro, MI

Favorite Activities: Snowboarding and getting coffee downtown.

Marie Bourke - Campus Recreation Swim Instructor

Marie B.

Program: Physical Therapy

Graduation: Spring/Summer 2021

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

Favorite Activities: Running, swimming, and shopping

Malia Brooks

Malia B.

Major: Clinical Exercise Science

Graduation: Spring/Summer 2019

Hometown: Iron Mountain, MI

Favorite Activities: Cooking, baking, and working out

Leathra B.

Major: Mechanical Engineer

Graduation: Winter 2023

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Favorite Activities: Swimming, working out, and running

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