Group Ex Instructor Mentorship Program

Campus Recreation takes on GVSU students who have little or no experience teaching that are looking for help in the process of obtaining a professional certification and want to gain skills as an instructor.  

Aspiring instructors/students are paired up with more experienced instructors who help them develop their skills as they slowly take on more and more teaching responsibility over the course of a semester.

Questions can be directed to Amy Campbell at


  • Enrolled as a GVSU student
  • Freshman, Sophomore or Junior standing and/or minimally 2 semesters remaining at GVSU
  • Plan to obtain a nationally recognized certification or currently have a certification with no teaching experience


  • Submit a resume and a letter of interest (professional goals, why you are interested, what you hope to gain, etc.) to Amy Campbell at
  • Applicants that meet the qualifications will be contacted in early January for more information regarding interests, goals, and more.
  • Mentees will be selected a few week after the semester begins. The number will vary based on the number of skilled mentor instructors available.
  • Sign-on as a mentee and agree to expectations of the development program.
  • Upon completion of program, qualified mentees may have the opportunity to complete a demo class as part of the hiring/selection process to become an instructor for Campus Recreation.

Page last modified April 25, 2019