Among the values expressed by the Board of Trustees in its policies is the value of integrity (BOT 1.3). The Financial and Information Security Team (FIST) is authorized by the University to provide a framework for the effective management of financial and other information, financial controls, cyber security, and enterprise risks, through promotion of a culture of integrity, continuous improvement, and assurance.  FIST provides oversight of initiatives required to operationalize the value of integrity, including those listed below.

Financial Security - The Business and Finance team leadership facilitates Integrity in financial operations by developing, implementing and maintaining an effective internal control environment, conducting external and internal audits, and establishing safeguards to protect University assets.

Cyber Safety @ GVSU - It is the responsibility each faculty and staff member and student to employ appropriate security measures for their electronic access and keep informed to avoid falling prey to phishing schemes and other malicious attempts to penetrate electronic systems. The Cyber Safety @ GVSU website provides up-to-date helpful information for faculty, staff and students. 

Anonymous Reporting - GVSU Anonymous Reporting is available for individuals who prefer to report concerns anonymously through a system hosted by a third-party provider.  This supplements existing reporting mechanisms at the University with another avenue to report behaviors that may be contradictory to our University values or policies.