The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program provides grants of up to $2,000 per semester to students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. Student eligibility for the TEACH Grant will be based on academic standing, major, and course requirements.

Other TEACH Grant requirements include: TEACH Grant Certification.

For additional information visit Student Aid on the Web.

Counseling and Service Agreement

Students are required to complete entrance counseling and an Agreement to Serve each year the grant is received. Students will also be required to complete Exit Counseling upon graduation, leaving school or are no longer in an eligible major/program.

Additional questions? Contact our office at finaid@gvsu.edu or 616-331-3234 or toll-free at 1-800-748-0246.

Page last modified November 1, 2016