Are you taking a break?

If you are a planning to take time off from school, and have borrowed Federal Direct Loans, you will be required to begin repayment of your loans if you are out of school for more than six months. Consequently if you are out of school for six months, and return back to school, any time you are not enrolled half-time or more from that time forward, you will be required to pay back your student loans.

In order to set-up payment of your student loans you will need to contact your Federal Loan Servicer.  If you do not know who your Federal Loan Servicer is, you can access this information at the National Student Loan Data System.  If you are unable to make payments to your Federal Loan Servicer, you may still want to contact them in order to request a forbearance or a payment plan that fits more with your financial situation.

How To Repay

Loan Servicer Information

Contact your specific loan servicer to begin making payments on your Federal Loans.

Repayment Plans

Choose a repayment plan that will determine your monthly payments.

Repayment Estimator

Log-in to see how much you will repay using a particular repayment plan.

Page last modified November 10, 2016