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Encompass Training and Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion-Equity Related Content

Prepared for Grand Valley State University Finance and Administration Division


Coaching, Consulting, Training Areas

Strategic Diversity-Inclusive Recruiting

Fundamentals of Diversity-Inclusion

Advanced Diversity-Inclusion Strategies

Developing Effective Diversity-Inclusion Councils

The Critical Systemic Differences: EEO-Affirmative Action-Diversity-Inclusion


Available Presentations

  1. Diversity: The Cycle Towards Inclusion: 3 basic components (1-Diversity 2-Cultural Competence, and 3-Inclusion) done in 3 consecutive 4-hour blocks
  2. Diversity-Inclusion Capability: The Edge in the Workplace
  3. Sensitivity & Respect: Helping Others Demonstrate Unconditional Acceptance
  4. My Values, My Workplace, and Me: Building on Organizational Values for Workplace Health and Sustainability
  5. Diversity: A State of Being, Inclusion: A State of Mind
  6. Inclusion: The Critical Step in Developing the Business Case
  7. Thriving in the New Workplace
  8. Diversity-Inclusion: The Generational Impact
  9. Teambuilding in Diverse Environments
  10. Inclusion: Leading Toward an Effective and Inclusive Organization
  11. Creating Respect in a Diverse Workplace
  12. Diversity Without Inclusion: Workplace Bullying and Incivility
  13. Racial Diversity: An Obstacle to Inclusion
  14. Racial Diversity: The Business of Higher Education
  15. Structural Racism: The Racial Impact of Public Policy