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While dental care is not available at the GVSU Family Health Center, there are resources for parents to find dental care for their children.

Regular Dental Care
Going to a dentist regularly helps keep you and your teeth healthy. Children should go to a dentist by age 1. By age 3, all children should go to a dentist every six months.

Dentists Who Take Medicaid or MIChild
A new website, Insure Kids Now, helps beneficiaries find dentists who take Healthy Kids Dental (Medicaid) or MIChild. A list of dentists who accept Michigan Medicaid fee-for-service will be posted on the website soon. Click here to go to the website,

Healthy Kids Dental
Some Medicaid beneficiaries have Healthy Kids Dental. In most Michigan counties, the Healthy Kids Dental program is run by Delta Dental Plan for beneficiaries under age 21. There is a new handbook for enrollees. Delta Dental provides the current Healthy Kids Dental member handbook on its website at: >> Enrollees >> Healthy Kids Dental >> Enrollee Booklet
If you would like a copy, call Delta Dental toll-free at 1-800-482-8915 and ask that a copy be mailed to you.