Teaching Opportunities

 Council on International Exchange - CIEE Teach Abroad

Council on International Exchange (CIEE) offers paid teaching positions in seven countries (Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam) for university graduates looking to teach English abroad and immerse themselves in a foreign community.

Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

The North American Language and Culture Assistants Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain to provide North American students who are native speakers of English or French with the opportunity to assist teachers in the English or French programs in elementary, secondary or language schools in Spain (12 to 16 class periods a week). The program is addressed to US and Canadian university students –majoring in any subject- and graduates, with some proficiency in Spanish. Students will spend a full academic year in Spain, typically from the beginning of October through May 31 (specific dates are given in the appointment letter the selected candidate is sent). Preferred placement in different Spanish regions can be requested. Participants in the program will receive a monthly stipend and medical coverage.

English Opens Doors Program in Chile

The English Opens Doors Program is sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and the Chilean Ministry of Education. The English Opens Doors Program (EODP) seeks highly motivated individuals to work as English teaching assistants in public schools throughout Chile. A typical week for a full-time volunteer includes 24 hours of English teaching and 11 hours of extra-curricular activities. Volunteers teach alongside a Chilean head teacher and work with students ranging from 5th grade (10-11 years old) to 12th grade (17-18 years old).

English Program in Korea

The English Program in Korea (EPIK), affiliated to the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, was established in 1995 to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea, to develop cultural exchanges and reform English teaching methodologies in Korea.

English Teaching Programs in Spain

Four (4) Paid English teaching programs in Spain: Language and Culture Assistants, BEDA, Meddeas, and UCETAM. Program details vary.

FSE English Teacher Training & Research Awards: 2017-2018 FSE TEFL Scholarship

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange: Fulbright Taiwan, offers up to three grants for English Teacher Training and Research. These grants provide qualified TEFL teachers or professors with the opportunity to spend one year as Academic Advisors of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETA) program. Advisors work with the American ETAs and their counterpart Taiwanese Local English Teachers (LETs). The purpose is to enhance the ETAs and LETs professional expertise through visits, observations, consultations and coordination. Through supervising these outstanding American and Taiwanese English teachers, the Advisors contribute and enhance the English Teaching environment in Taiwan. In cooperation with local universities, they also have the chance to enrich their research and teaching experiences.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships and Study/Research Scholarships

The Fulbright program is the largest U.S. international exchange program offering opportunities for students, graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools worldwide.  Students must have a B.A. or equivalent before the start of the grant and should have sufficient proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host country.

Hellenic American Education Foundation Teaching Fellowship

Fellows teach in Greece. They are at the College for a full school day (Monday through Friday 8.30am – 4pm, with occasional Saturdays for specific events) and teach in supervised English classes and/or work in the HAEF University Applications and Counseling Office and the HAEF Library, and have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of students at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Fellows are also involved as coaches and mentors in the Forensics Club – the College’s largest English language theater and debate club – where they are able to connect with the students in a fun, creative, and supportive setting. At the end of the school year, Fellows take part in the English language Summer Camp in June-July.


Interac is Japan's leading private provider of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). Our highly motivated and qualified teachers serve thousands of schools and boards of education throughout every region of Japan, working with children from kindergarten to high school.

James Madison Graduate Fellowship

The James Madison Graduate Fellowship is available for U.S. citizens who are currently working as teacher or planning to become a teacher, of American history, American government, or social studies at the secondary school level (grades 7–12).

Eligibility: U.S. teachers

Award: $24,000

Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC)

The Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) is seeking applicants for its 2017 cohort. MTC is a two-year program that trains non-education majors to teach in high-poverty public schools in Mississippi while working on a master's degree at the University of Mississippi. Benefits include placement in a school with full salary and benefits, full scholarship for graduate school (tuition and books), and a notebook computer. Each year, MTC accepts between 25-35 candidates.  Due to the size of the program, MTC can offer individualized support as participants move through each stage of the training and coursework.

North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

The program is an academic "continuing education" grant provided by the Ministry of Education of Spain. The program sends over 2000 American and Canadian participants to Spain each year to serve as teaching assistants, sharing their native knowledge of the English or French language and North American culture in Spanish public K-12 schools. The program, though fairly young, has been gaining popularity quickly with more and more demand each year for such a unique experience! Positions are available in K-12 schools throughout Spain for the academic year, to help to increase Spanish students' knowledge of English or French and North American culture. Eligible are seniors and recent alumni who are Canadian or US native speakers of French or English, and who have intermediate-level Spanish; previous teaching experience or experience living abroad may be an advantage.

NYC Teaching Fellows

The NYC Teaching Fellows program is one of the country’s largest and most selective alternative teacher preparation programs. As a Fellow, you’ll train in NYC classrooms, working one-on-one with experienced coaches to get the feedback you need to become a talented teacher, ready to make a profound difference for NYC’s students.

The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) of the Kultusministerkonferenz

The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst is the sole public organization in Germany working on behalf of the Federal States to promote international exchange and cooperation in the school sector. The PAD is a department of the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz).

The Kultusministerkonferenz aims to further strengthen international cooperation in this sector. Thus, it is assuming responsibility for raising standards in the education sector and for safeguarding international mobility. School exchanges have an extremely positive impact on the quality of learning and learning environments. As a result of participating in exchanges and other collaborative schemes, individuals greatly develop their technical, linguistic and intercultural skills, as well as their personal skills.

Princeton in Africa

Founded in 1999, Princeton in Africa develops young leaders committed to Africa’s advancement by offering yearlong fellowship opportunities with a variety of organizations that work across the African continent. Since our launch in 1999, we have had nearly 500 Fellows in 36 countries. This year, 49 recent college graduates (from 30 colleges and universities) are working with 31 organizations in 15 African countries.

Princeton in Asia

PiA sponsors over 150 fellowships and internships in 21 countries and is the oldest and largest organization of its kind, unique in its scope, size, century-long expertise and emphasis on service. The essence of PiA is to provide transformative, service-oriented experiences for bright, talented graduates and to serve the needs of Asia as determined by our host institutions and Asian partners. PiA arranges fellowships and internships with Asian host organizations that contribute to important global issues at the local level: education, public health, environmental sustainability, access to information/media, economic development and social justice. Fellowships are the means of fostering person-to-person diplomacy, enhancing mutual understanding, contributing to communities with unmet needs and providing transformative experiences for fellows and host communities.

Princeton in Latin America

PiLA offers service experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean to match outstanding recent college graduates who are interested in year-long service fellowship opportunities with partner NGO and multilateral organizations that are engaged in socially responsible development projects throughout the region.

The Great Wall Fellowships Program

The Fellow at ECNU will serve as university level instructors in a variety of departments such as English, Computer Science, and International Finance depending on need. On campus housing and a monthly salary are provided.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program

Since its foundation in 1987, the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program has sent over 30,000 American participants to work in the schools, boards of education, and government offices around Japan and has had a combined total of over 60,000 participants from all participating countries. Most participants serve as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs); some work as Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs). Currently, there are more than 40 countries across the world with participants in Japan on the JET Program. The objectives of the JET Program are being achieved by offering participants the opportunity to serve in local government offices as well as public and private elementary, junior high and senior high schools in Japan.

Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK)

TaLK is a Korean Government scholarship program known as Teach and Learn in Korea. The program’s main objective is to invite and train native English teachers and overseas Koreans to teach practical English in after-school classes at the rural elementary school.

Teach and Learn with Georgia

Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) is a progressive education movement initiated by the Georgian government and administered under the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science. We recruit native English, French and German language speakers to co-teach alongside local teachers in public schools throughout the beautiful and historic country of Georgia. TLG aims to improve Georgia’s nationwide foreign language proficiency in an effort towards further participation in the global community. Volunteer teachers will stay in Georgia for at least one year and experience once in a lifetime opportunities, such as getting familiarized with amazing Georgian customs and traditions by living with local families, experiencing unique Georgian folklore and cuisine by socializing with local communities, and learning the Georgian language, one of the 14 existing alphabets in the world, should they wish to do so.

Teach for China

Teach For China (formerly known as the China Education Initiative or CEI) recruits, selects, trains, and supports outstanding US and Chinese graduates to work side-by-side to deliver an excellent education in high poverty, rural Chinese communities. In the short-term, Teach For China’s Fellows are placed in full-time, two-year teaching commitments at under-resourced schools, where they meet the pressing need for exceptional educators.  In the long-term, Teach For China supports its alumni – equipped with the experience, conviction, and insight that comes from leading children to fulfill their potential – to be a force for change, working from across sectors to expand educational opportunity. 

Teach for Thailand

TTC places American graduates in underserved Thai schools as English language teachers. TTC believes that language skills are an essential foundation for a better life and a better world. Thai students equipped with English proficiency are positioned to succeed in school, work, and life, and to make an impact in their communities. Teach Thailand Corps has learned from and adapted elements of the Peace Corps philosophy of service and learning.

Teaching Assistant Program in France

The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. Each year, over 1,100 American citizens and permanent residents teach in public schools across all regions of metropolitan France and in the overseas departments of French such as Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion.

TEFL Fellowships at the American University in Cairo

Fellowships in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) are offered annually to full-time students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in TEFL and to acquire language teaching experience at The American University in Cairo. Award provides full or partial tuition fees coverage, a monthly stipend, accommodation in the University Residences or with a monthly housing allowance for non-residents of Egypt, medical service and health insurance fees, and one-way home travel. Fellows pursue degree study and teach eight hours of English per week.

U.S. Teaching Assistantships at Austrian Secondary Schools

For decades this program has provided college graduates from the United States with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work as secondary school teaching assistants in communities all over Austria. In addition to serving as valuable linguistic models in classroom English instruction, US teaching assistants are also valuable resources for first-hand information about the "American way of life" and informal representatives of the United States. In this capacity, they contribute substantially to the promotion of mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States of America and the Republic of Austria.

WorldTeach | Teach and Serve Abroad

WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. Volunteers are placed in schools and host communities that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be unable to afford or located qualified teachers. Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field support, empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave.

YoYo Summer Program in Germany

Program is a mixture of games, sports, arts and crafts, drama and an English language program. A counselor is required to include all these elements in their weekly program. Counselors are young adults who are responsible for a group of 12 children in a mixed age and language level situation, from 9am till 5pm in day camps or 5-6 whole days in overnight camps. They will become acquainted with the program in a mandatory one week training program which takes place prior to the opening of the camps. Experience in animation or drama is an asset as well as experiences with youth clubs, boy scouts, youth sport clubs etc.

Requirements: You must be responsible, organized and punctual, creative and outgoing with experience in camp life. Courses in education, teaching or counseling is preferred. The counselors will work according to a Counselor Handbook, however they must also be capable to create new elements which will fit into the camp atmosphere. The counselors will be required to follow the guidelines in the Counselor Handbook. This is a summer program which incorporates language learning with games. It is not classroom teaching English. Counselors will have to be able to communicate with children who only speak German. There is no requirement of German for the counselors, however the counselor has to feel secure enough to be able to work in a foreign country with children speaking German as the first language. Speaking some German is an advantage.


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