First Step Advising

Reach out to one of our staff to find out more about fellowships, figure out your first steps, and get help with applications.

Boren & Bridging

Rebecca Hambelton, Director of Study Abroad & International Partnerships

  • Boren Scholarship
  • Bridging Scholarship

Freeman Asia & Fulbright

Ehren KuzekovCoordinator of Study Abroad and International Partnerships

  • Freeman Asia
  • Fulbright

Fund for Education Abroad, Gilman, & Gilman-McCain

Meaghann Myers-SmithStudy Abroad Advisor

  • Fund for Education Abroad
  • Gilman Scholarship
  • Gilman-McCain Scholarship

Goldwater, NSF-GRFP, & Everything Else

Susan MendozaDirector of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

  • Goldwater Scholarship
  • All unassigned fellowships and scholarships

Marshall Scholarship

Alissa LaneStudy Abroad Outreach Coordinator

  • Marshall Scholarship

Mitchell Scholarship

Elena SelenevaCoordinator of Faculty-Led Programs

  • Mitchell Scholarship – Post-graduate