How We Can Help You

The staff in the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships will help any and all students as they navigate through different paths and look into the opportunities that fit your specific needs and goals.

These 3 words guide our practice:  Scholarship. Achievement. Opportunity.

  • We will help you determine your scholastic goals and guide you toward the path that's best for you, be it teaching, service, business, or something else entirely.
  • We will help you achieve new heights you may not have thought possible by encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and look beyond campus life.
  • We will help you discover, apply for, and hopefully embark on new opportunities both domestically and abroad to expand your knowledge and further your scholastic achievement.

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We are located in 120 Niemeyer.

Success Stories

Would if I am unsure of my next steps in my degree plan or life after graduation?

No problem! We can support you on multiple paths. Thinking about changing majors or applying for jobs or graduate school? We'll help you navigate the process of exploring award opportunities within our office while also keeping your plans in mind.

Maybe taking a year after graduation to teach English abroad is your goal? Maybe you would like to learn a critical language over the summer or do research abroad? Maybe you would like to do all of these things, and still stay on track with other goals. No worries! We can explore all of your goals and create an action plan to help you achieve success.

When should I begin exploring awards?

Many scholarship or fellowship applications are due 6-18 months before your program begins. Therefore, we recommend planning ahead and contacting our office as soon as you are ready to begin discussing your options... the earlier, the better! 

Success Stories

Page last modified January 26, 2018