Art's Cut Flowers

Art's Cut Flowers

Stop at Art's for beautiful, fresh cut flowers sure to brighten anyone's day.

Daddy's cookies

Daddy's Dough

Daddy's Dough offers a variety of cookies and oatmeal cream pies. You won't want to miss this one! Daddy's Dough offers online ordering that ships right to your door-- including their delicious cookies and even make-at-home cookie kits!

Daddy's Dough Website


Goen's Produce

Goen's Produce sells a wonderful variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Goen's is based in Allendale and provides limited delivery around that area. For up-to-date information on where they will be and when, check out their Facebook page. 

Goen's Produce Facebook

GVSU Beekeepers

GVSU Beekeepers is a group of students who are actively involved in managing honey bees at the Sustainable Agriculture Project and an apiary on the Meijer Campus in Holland. They work to recognize the importance of honey bees in our ecosystem and food system while also producing quality honey annually to share with the community.

GVSU Beekeepers Facebook

Campus dining

GVSU Campus Dining

Every week Campus Dining will be serving a healthy lunch option for only $7! 

Farmers Market Weekly Lunch Menu

GVSU surplus store

GVSU Surplus Store

The GVSU Surplus Store reduces environmental impact by providing items that have reached the end of their shelf life for sale to the general public.

GVSU Surplus Store Website

Kona Ice of West Michigan

Kona Ice of West Grand Rapids

Cool off at the market with Kona Ice! Each order is customizable with a variety of unique flavors. The owners, Damion and Lindsay Parker, are both GVSU Alumni. Kona Ice has been running several "Kurbside Kona" delivery days in different zip codes in and around Grand Rapids. If you want to see where they'll be delivering next, check out their Facebook page for more information. 

Kona Ice of West Grand Rapids Facebook


Lindberg's Blueberries

These blueberries are so sweet they fly off the shelves every week! Make sure to get your hands on some. Due to social distancing, their U-Pick and Ready Pick processes have changed, but you can still get delicious blueberries! Check out their website and Facebook for more information. 

Lindberg's Blueberries Website

Lindberg's Blueberries Facebook 

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist Mushrooms

Looking for something new to try? Mad Scientist Mushrooms is the place to go! These mushrooms are anything but ordinary.

Mom's Kettle Corn

Mom's Kettle Corn

Mom's Kettle Corn is popped on site! The aroma is sure to draw you in.

Mosby's Popcorn

Mosby's uses only the finest quality of ingredients to create simply delicious popcorn. Come and visit - your taste buds will thank you! They're currently taking online orders so pop on over to their website to get your popcorn fix.

Mosby's Website

Post Farms

Post Farms

Post Farms has a selection of baked goods (the breads are a must!), gourds, tomatoes, and miscellaneous fruits, vegetables, jams, and jellies. Yum!

Sall's Farm

Sall's Farm

Always there to welcome you with a smile, Ken sells a large variety of fresh produce!



The GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project is a local farm that grows fresh produce right on Campus Drive! See what they are up to here.

Read more about the SAP and their role as a Farmers Market vendor.

Great Bread Co

The Great Bread Company

The Great Bread Company offers a variety of breads, rolls, buns, pastries, and even gluten free options! They're available at their store and also a few popup locations right now, so visit their Facebook and Website to see where they are and also to find out how you can get bread shipped right to your door. 

The Great Bread Company Facebook

The Great Bread Company Website