Sustainable Agriculture Project CSA

Course Offerings

At the Farm:

BIO 105 Environmental Science(no laboratory): non-majors course used for Foundation &
Theme general education credit; Environmental Studies minor elective credit.

BIO 215 General Ecology (lab): core course for Biology & Natural Resources Management.
The farm could support lab exercises in soil science & primary productivity.

*BIO 319 Global Sustainable Agriculture (no lab): non-majors course/theme; ENS elective.
May develop into a lab- or field-experience course (proposal under development).

*BIO 380/3xx Agroecology (no lab): proposal under development; will be proposed for BIO,
ENS, NRM elective credit. Course will focus on the ecology of agricultural systems.

NRM 281 Principles of Soil Science (w/lab): elective for NRM major & minor; required for two of the emphases. Required for the Wildlife Biology emphasis of the Biology major.


Related Courses:

NRM 150 Introduction to Natural Resources Management; NRM 250 Resource Measurement &Maps.

NRM 320 Introduction to Resource Systems

NRM 330 Environmental Pollution

NRM 380 Ecological Restoration & Management.

Other CLAS courses (most without labs) could use the farm for field trips/visitations:

SOC 288 Sociology and Food (SOC elective; ENS minor elective)

GEO 300 Geology and the Environment

GEO 380 Geography of World Agriculture.

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