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Finance and Administration Inclusion and Equity Promoters

What is a Promoter?

The people who are listed below have volunteered to be a Promoter of the Finance and Administration Inclusion and Equity Committee. They help promote events the committee hosts, relay information to their respective employee groups, and are committed to providing an open and welcoming environment. We would like to thank them for all they do.

Business and Finance

Accounting Office and Procurement - Brian Copeland

Student Accounts and Payroll - Lanya Tran

Laker Store & Copy Centers: Allendale Campus - Jerrod Nickels

Laker Store & Copy Centers: Pew Campus - Beth Junglas

Pew Campus Conference & Event Planning - Sherri Nelson

The Meadows Golf Club - Terry Sack

MAREC - Silvia Diedrich

Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning - Brad Newman

Facilities Services

Maintenance Services and Key Department - Lawrence Meredith

Custodial Services - Raven McClinnon

Facilities Engineering - Terry Pahl

Customer Service - Michelle Holstege

Grounds Services & Arborist - Ed Simon

Operations and Mail Services/Safety Management - Janet Aubil

Human Resources

Human Resources - Ruthanne Griffin

Intercollegiate Athletics
Athletics and Facilities - Whitney Marsh

Pew Campus Operations

Pew Campus Operations - Chad Kellogg

Public Safety Services

Public Safety Services: Allendale Campus - Brandon DeHaan

Pew Campus Security - Coreen Bedford

University Budgets

University Budgets - Jeff Musser