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Strategic Diversity-Inclusive Recruiting

Fundamentals of Diversity-Inclusion  

Advanced Diversity-Inclusion Strategies

Developing Effective Diversity-Inclusion Councils

The Critical Systemic Differences: EEO-Affirmative Action-Diversity-Inclusion



Available Presentations

  1. Diversity: The Cycle Towards Inclusion: 3 basic components (1-Diversity 2-Cultural Competence, and 3-Inclusion) done in 3 consecutive 4-hour blocks
  2. Diversity-Inclusion Capability: The Edge in the Workplace
  3. Sensitivity & Respect: Helping Others Demonstrate Unconditional Acceptance
  4. My Values, My Workplace, and Me: Building on Organizational Values for Workplace Health and Sustainability
  5. Diversity: A State of Being, Inclusion: A State of Mind
  6. Inclusion: The Critical Step in Developing the Business Case
  7. Thriving in the New Workplace
  8. Diversity-Inclusion: The Generational Impact
  9. Teambuilding in Diverse Environments
  10. Inclusion: Leading Toward an Effective and Inclusive Organization
  11. Creating Respect in a Diverse Workplace
  12. Diversity Without Inclusion: Workplace Bullying and Incivility
  13. Racial Diversity: An Obstacle to Inclusion
  14. Racial Diversity: The Business of Higher Education
  15. Structural Racism: The Racial Impact of Public Policy

Diversity Strategist

Melita Travis Johnson, LMSW, CCDP – Director of Inclusion Initiatives and Senior Consultant
Ms. Travis Johnson is the Director of Inclusion Initiatives for ENCOMPASS and a licensed Life Coach with an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion.  Melita has facilitated diversity and inclusion training in many corporate environments and brings a wealth of professional experience to ENCOMPASS with more than twenty five years of clinical and social work practice.  Melita’s passion for helping others, along with her warmth and honesty, are evident as she engages with clients and organizations.



E-mail: encompasseap1@gmail.com


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