Syllabus of Record Fast-Track Processing

The Syllabus of Record (SOR) is an important part of the curricular record that specifies the objectives, topics, and methods of evaluation used across all sections of a course. In theory all courses at Grand Valley have a Syllabus of Record, but reality is somewhat different. Some units report that old courses were approved before SORs were created. Others indicate that their courses have SORs but haven’t been updated in over a decade. The question put to UCC is how to create an SOR for courses that have none, or how to update an SOR that is woefully out of date (i.e., does that constitute a course change)?

After consulting with the chairs of the college curriculum committees UCC is adopting a “fast-track” procedure for the expedited review of SORs. This fast-track process is used if a unit verifies with Records that no SOR exists, or if the unit determines that the existing SOR does not match current practice in the course.

The fast-track process cannot be used to change any aspect of an existing course (description, credits, prerequisites, etc.)

A unit can submit a new SOR without using the online curriculum system. The unit head should send the SOR along with a current syllabus to the Chair of their respective College Curriculum Committee. Two members of the CCC will review the SOR to ensure it meets current standards (returning it if the SOR doesn’t meet current guidelines). If the course is a graduate course, the SOR will then be fast-tracked by Graduate Council. If acceptable, the CCC chair or GC chair will forward the SOR to the Provost’s office for final review and approval.

UCC encourages units to keep a repository of their SORs within the unit, perhaps on Blackboard, a shared network drive, or even on paper.

Page last modified February 9, 2022