New Program Prospectus

Proposal Information

Type: New Program Prospectus





Program Information

Title of Proposed Program:

Level of Program:

Is this a new level/type of degree to be offered at GVSU?

Degree(s) to be offered:  

Will this new degree program need Higher Learning Committee review and approval for GVSU to offer the degree?
If you are uncertain, please contact the Provost's Office. 

Desired target date for implementation:

Will this program be delivered in an online or hybrid format? 

  • If online or hybrid, what percentage of the courses will be offered online?

Home Unit:

Other Units involved:

Description of Proposed Program

What is the estimated total number of required program credits? What is the estimated breakdown of new and existing courses?

Are there policies and/or practices at GVSU that impede offering this program? If so, please describe:

How does this program meet our core value of integrating liberal learning with career or professional preparation? (maximum of 200 words)

Are any of the following experiential learning activities included in the program? Check all that apply:

  • field experiences
  • laboratory experiences
  • internships
  • undergraduate research
  • service learning
  • international studies
  • global learning
  • collaborative assignments and projects
  • problem-based learning
  • blending of traditional disciplines
  • residential learning communities
  • other

You may elaborate on the experiential learning activities here: (maximum of 200 words)

How does this program advance the strategic goals of the unit/s, college/s, and university?


Describe the need (local, regional, state, national, and/or global) for this program at Grand Valley State University. attach any relevant data from external sources and/or internal sources that speak to the need of the program(e.g. information from supporting professional organizations, feedback from industrial partners, etc.) (max. 200 words)

Describe the perceived interest in this program at GVSU and how this was determined. (max 200 words)

Describe any peer programs/model curricula that were a basis for this proposal.

If this program approximates programs at other Michigan institutions, please describe why GVSU should offer it. If this program is distinct, please describe what value it offers.

How does this program adopt current standards and/or emerging directions in the field and/or pedagogy?


Estimate the additional personnel resources needed to fully implement the program:

Number of Full-time Tenure Track Faculty:

Number of Affiliate Faculty:

Number of Full-time AP positions:

Number of Visiting Faculty:

Number and level of PSS positions:

Number of GA:

Program Coordinator:

Student Workers:

Rationale for Personnel needs (max 200 words)

Estimate additional physical needs for the proposed program [classrooms, labs, special equipment, etc...]

New Building: Yes / No

New Type of Classroom: Yes / No

New Lab:  Yes / No

New Library Resources:  Yes / No

New Office Space for Faculty/Staff:   Yes / No

New Computers:  Yes / No

New Equipment:  Yes / No


Physical needs Rationale: (max 200 words)

If there are costs associated with licensure, accreditation, certifications, or endorsements, what are the costs? (max 200 words)

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