PPE Ordering

Facilities Services

PPE Ordering Information

Please order items for a month at a time and not the entire semester or academic year.  Department Program Coordinators are to order only for their office (not classrooms) and only from the list below.  Please note the amount you request may not be what you receive.  Items will be dispersed based on current availability. 

Here is what is available:  

  • Cloth, Washable masks (1 per employee and 1 per student worker)
  • Disposable masks (1 = 1 box of 50)
  • Transparent Face Mask (For Faculty and Staff working with hearing impaired Students)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wipes (based on availability)
  • Spray Disinfectant (will be sent if wipes are out of stock)
  • Face Shields (For Faculty and Staff working with hearing impaired Students)
  • Disposable Gloves (Please order available sizes - medium, large or extra-large)
  • Thermometers

Click on the link below to submit your work order for PPE. 
Please do not submit PPE requests as material requests.

You must be on Campus and connected to the GVSU network to submit a PPE order.

PPE Order Link:   http://webtma.plant.gvsu.edu:11010