Custodial Services

Custodial services at Grand Valley State University include housekeeping operations, light bulb replacements, waste removal, recycling, movement of materials such as boxes, and special events support. Grand Valley State University has adopted Green Housekeeping practices.
To request assistance in any of these areas, please submit a work order or call Facilities Services at extension x13000. Large event work orders should be turned in at least two weeks in advance, and should include a diagram. Off-site set ups will be arranged with an outside firm and charged back to the department.

Facilities Services Supervisors - Allendale Campus:

Janet Aubil, 331-3850, Email: [email protected]
Cathy Headley, 331-3847, Email: [email protected]
Raven McClinon, 331-3849, Email: [email protected]
Ed Wierzbicki, 331-2039, Email: [email protected]


The Grounds Department at GVSU is responsible for maintaining approximately 500 acres of groomed grounds and parking lots. Some of the more specific tasks performed by the grounds department include:

  • turfgrass maintenance
  • landscape installation and maintenance
  • maintenance of all paved areas including sidewalks, brick patios, roadways, and parking lots
  • snow removal for all roads, walkways, and parking lots
  • maintenance of all campus signage (exterior)
  • overseeing work performed by landscape contractors
  • design and install new garden spaces
  • recommend changes to beautify and enhance the campus grounds
  • work with the golf course maintenance staff to maintain the clubhouse grounds at the Meadows Golf Course
  • installation and maintenance of the campus site furniture
  • litter pick up

Grounds Supervisor:
Edward Simon, 331-3556, EMail: [email protected]


  • Takes care of the landscape trees on an individual basis.
  • Maintains the campus Arboretum
  • Installation and maintenance of all campus trees
  • Over 4,800 trees are cared for on all our campuses.
  • The Allendale Campus has a 7 acre arboretum; it holds 700 trees with 200 different species/varieties growing.
  • Care of Shakespeare Garden, Memorial Garden, 13 Rain Gardens, Japanese Garden, vacant land care, campus GIS/GPS, and special projects.

University Arborist
Steve Snell, 331-3840, EMail [email protected]

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