Alumni Mentors

As a member of the Future Alumni Association, students are able to be mentored by a Grand Valley Alumni! These alumni are members of the Young Alumni Council, and are eager to give back to the university by investing their time in students.

Mentor pairings are encouraged to meet monthly. 

Click here for more information on the FAA + YAC Mentorship Program

Mentorship Pairs

Future Alumni Association Member

Young Alumni Council Mentor

Abbi Mikaelian

Megan Archer

Anastalia Santiago

Katie Perschbacher

Austin Williams

Matt Roberts

Brendan Kahl

Matt Roberts

Caroline Miller

Sarah Daniels

Cassidy Morrison

Kelsey Keipert

Collin Trainor

William McGahan

Eric-John Szczepaniak

David Luther

Kaylee Harmon

Brandon Erhart

Kensey VanPatten

John Frawley

Kim Long

Ricky Benavidez

Madison Flick

Heather Sewell

Mary Dreslinski

Anna Trenshaw

Rachel Kalusniak

Rob Barcelona

Sydney Swenson

Camille Curtis

Taylor Blackburn

Anna Trenshaw

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