Personal Electronic Devices

Personal deivice for travel that are exempt

EAR Compliance (Temporary Exceptions to Export Control)

Your items of personal effects: clothes, toiletries, medicine, etc. are usually an exception and are in compliance of Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This is called a EAR’s BAG (personal baggage.) However, personal electronic devices (including laptops, tablets, flash drives and research items) can be distinctively different and may require a license by EAR. 

Each item is assigned an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), and the need for a license is dependent upon the ECCN and your travel destination. The list below shows ECCNs for common items taken on abroad travel. Most commercially available basic software (such as Microsoft Office) is classified as 5D992 and can be exported either individually or on your device without a license. However, proprietary software, encrypted software, and/or other complex software may require an export license and should be reviewed by the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity. 


Common Travel Items (Please note this list is not valid for travel to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria):

Mac Laptop, ECCN 5A992, No License Required

Dell Laptop (no encryption), ECCN 4A992, No License Required

Apple iPhones & iPads, ECCN 5A992, No License Required

Flash Drives (most), ECCN 3A991, No License Required

Android Cell Phone/Tables, ECCN 5A992, No License Required

Garmin GPS, ECCN 7A994, No License Required

BitLocker Encryption, ECCN 5D992, No License Required

GoPro Camera, ECCN EAR99, No Licence Required

Mass market software (Windows, OSX, Microsoft Office, Adobe products, Visual Studio), ECCN 5D992, No License Required

Open source software (Linux, Apache), ECCN 5D002, No License Required


Please contact the Office of Research Compliance & Integrity if you are traveling to any of the sanctioned countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria), or providing access to your items to a citizen from one of those countries, as an export license will likely be required.



Page last modified May 8, 2017