To help us better understand the types of research activities occurring on campus, and therefore better help our researchers address any potential export control concerns, please complete this Export Control Questionnaire on an annual basis (and update it whenever research activities change) and submit it to

A Technology Control Plan (pdf) (TCP) assists researchers in protecting and complying with government controls regarding their research projects for software, data or materials that are subject to U.S. export regulations.  Use the PI Self Assessment form to see if your research require a Technology Control Plan and consult with the GVSU's Export Control Officer.

When you travel from the United States to another country, everything you take is termed an “export.” Your items of personal effects: clothes, toiletries, medicine, etc. are usually an exception and are in compliance of Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This is called a EAR’s BAG (personal baggage.) Fill out a BAG exemption form for your travels abroad. Retain a copy to keep with your during your travels and submit a copy to

However, personal electronic devices: laptops, tablets, PDA, flash drives and research items can be distinctively different and may require a license by EAR.

GVSU's Export Control policy recommends faculty complete a TMP form to inventory and record any university technology, software, data and information they may be sharing while traveling abroad.  The export of items, technology, commercial software and encryption code is subject to export control regulations (this includes laptops, PDAs and digital  storage devices.) The Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations (EAR) makes an exception to licensing requirements for the temporary export or re-export (TMP) of certain items, technology, or software for professional use as long as the criteria to which you are certifying below are met. Fill out the TMP Exception form for your travels abroad.  Print and retain a copy for your travels. In addition, submit a copy to