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Lean Leadership

Major: Integrative Studies I spent the majority of my time working in each department with the department heads. Learning from numerous people and their leadership styles. I created a procedural booklet for each department and put together a lean binder for classes the company can use moving forward. The overall goal was to put information on paper so that the company can use this information to improve productivity and workflow through the shop.

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An Experience to Remember

Major: Integrative Studies During this internship, I was a sales rep for Oakland University. I was responsible for going to 30 or more businesses a day trying to get them to buy some type of advertisement from the company.

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Internship with Heartland Hospice

Major: Integrative Studies As a hospice volunteer, I was asked to attend weekly Interdisciplinary Group meetings (IDG) to stay current on the status of patients. This included new patients, those who were nearing the end of life and those who had died since the previous meeting. I attended two senior expos where I was asked to assist in sharing information with the public about services provided by Heartland and to educate people about the importance of making end-of-life decisions before a health crisis or terminal diagnosis presents itself. Hospice care isn't only about dying--it's about fully living the remaining days of one's life. I was treated as a member of the team and was involved with home visits to patients and their families, as well as to families whose loved one had recently died. I was part of a small team which coordinated with a local grief support organization to develop a gardening project for children in mourning. This was a summer-long project in which children attended sessions to plant, tend and grow flowers and vegetables as a mechanism for grieving.

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Michigan Women's Foundation Internship

Major: Integrative Studies I completed administrative tasks such as; creating a Doodle Poll, generating purchase orders, utilizing Donor Perfect, and answering/making phone calls. I also completed substantial research on a potential organization merger with national implications

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William C. Abney Academy Reading Intervention Internship

Major: Integrative Studies I worked with students that struggled with reading. I also assisted with organizing Reading Programs.

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Community Affairs WOODTV8

Major: Integrative Studies worked in every department, primarily in community affairs, but not limited to 8 West,connecting with the community. As well as writing multiple web stories and going on video shoots, also public service announcements, transcribing and assembling other stories.

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Todd's Services

Major: Integrative Studies I was working very close with the office manager creating marketing plans and getting ready for the upcoming. It was involving a lot of looking at past years marketing and how each source led to job sold.

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