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A Summer in Dublin

Major: Health Professions During my internship, I rotated through the hospital. I spent most of my time in finance, patient support and cardiac with some days observing labs, conferences, and the play room. Most of my work in finance was based around getting new bills from the post, sorting them and putting them into the computer. In the cardiac department, I spent a lot of time updating charts and making sure they charts are where they are supposed to be in the hospital. I observed some cardiac conferences about patients and planning their treatment. I also observed some cardiac cath procedures. During my time in patient support, I helped release copies of patient charts requested under the Freedom of Information act. I also logged complaints, compliments, thank you cards and parliamentary questions on the database. I visited the microbiology, histology, biochemistry and hematology labs for a few hours each lab to get a taste of what they do and how it is important. Because I didn't have a degree, they couldn't let me do any work in those labs, as that is customary in Ireland.

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Process Excellence

Major: Health Professions The internship I completed was in Process Excellence which uses management philosophies like lean to help healthcare improve quality while reducing costs and becoming more efficient overall. As a process excellence Intern I observed the Consultant during her advising/coaching sessions with clinical and administrative staff on designing as well as implementing system-wide interventions to improve clinical, process, operational and service outcomes. I got to participate in using lean tools such as value stream mapping to make improvements to the patient wait times in Wege Lab. I also helped implement a Kanban system in Cytology, Histology, and Specimen control. I also partook in developing a standard work for the process excellence department and a structure or idea for a training system for new specialists. In addition to implementing lean tools I as able to observe managers meetings which helped me better understand the value and importance of the Process excellence consultant.

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Oasis of Opportunity

Major: Health Professions Through my time at Oasis I had the opportunity to shadow many medical practitioners (PA, MD, DO, and NP), observe/participate in the administration side of healthcare, assist in writing stories for donors, advertise medical services, update medical records, and assist patients acquire prescription assistance, among others.

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