EXS 490 Internship

The internship is intended to be the last course completed in the major but, if necessary, can be taken concurrently with EXS 495. The student chooses to register for 6, 9 or 12 credits based on their need, with each credit equivalent to 50 hours, i.e. 6 credits requires 300 hours, 9 credits requires 450 hours, and 12 credits requires 600 hours of work at the internship site.

IMPORTANT: EXS 420 with minimum grade of B- is the prerequisite for the internship.


Click here for a list of internship FAQs.

Application Process

It is essential that all students follow the required steps to get their internship approved and to register for the course.

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Important Dates

The deadlines with which to secure an internship site and complete the application form are:

  • Fall Semester: July 15th
  • Winter Semester: November 15th
  • Spring/Summer Semester: March 15th

Pre-Approved Sites

Pre-Approved Internship Sites

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