Contacts - Who reserves what space?

Below is a chart of who is responsible for reserving various locations on the Allendale, Grand Rapids, Holland and Detroit campuses. Please note that the Records Office reserves all academic rooms regardless of building.



Phone Number


Records Office


All Academic Rooms

Tami John

Event Services Website

(616) 331-2350

Kirkhof Center

Cook-Dewitt Center

Henry Hall Atrium

Kirkhof Lawn and Kirkhof East Lawn

Lake Ontario Hall - Room 167

Kirkhof Center Lobby Tables

Michele Heibel

(616) 331-3353

Alumni House

Kathleen Wright

(616) 331-6489

Detroit Center

Jennifer May

(616) 331-6620

L.V. Eberhard Center

John C. Kennedy Building

Fred M. Keller Building

Amy Dettwiler

Joyce Miller

Meet At GVSU Website

(616) 331-6624

(616) 331-6624

Richard M. Devos Center

Bicycle Center


Erika VanDyke

Meet At GVSU Website

(616) 331-5980

L. William Seidman Center

Lake Michigan Center & MI Hub

Sue Host

(616) 331-5807

Cook-Devos Center for Health Sciences

Mike Ashcraft

Meet At GVSU Website

(616) 331-5828

Allendale Summer Camps

Conference Winter Hall

Cherilyn Denomme

(616) 331-3910

Holland Campus

Kate Carlson

Sports Facilities Website

(616) 331-2685

Fieldhouse Complex

Athletic Fields


(616) 331-1010

The Meadows

Joann Szyniszewski

(616) 331-3484

Performing Arts Center

Susan Brunell

Housing Room Reservations

(616) 331-2823

GVA Community Center

Holton-Hooker Learning/Living Center Multi-purpose Room and Bonfire Pit

North C Living Center Classrooms

Dexter Earney

(616) 331-0501

Laker Village Community Centers

Jim Van Nada

(616) 331-0171

South D and E Meeting Rooms

Dawn Burnaby


Mary Idema Pew Library Multipurpose Room


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