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Y? - LIB100 Approved!

Date and Time

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
8:30 PM


  • Kirkhof Center » Area 51


Join Wesley at Grand Valley and the Center for Inquiry as we host a forum about kindness. The discussion will ask questions that not only define kindness, but evaluate how having a faith (or not having a faith) changes one's perception of kindness and their willingness to be kind. Ideally, this will be a participatory event that discusses the idea of kindness as it exists within an individual, a religion/non religion, and society as a whole. 

There will be snacks and plenty of discussion questions!
During the event, we will be accepting audience questions via Twitter.



Ashlee Wagner (Event Coordinator/Forum Moderator): wagnera@mail.gvsu,edu

Information about Wesley:

Kaleb Templer (Information about CFI):



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