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Homecoming Oz-lympics - Presented by Laker Traditions

There's No Place Like The Valley - Homecoming 2013

There's No Place Like The Valley - Homecoming 2013

Date and Time

Sunday, October 13, 2013
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Kelly Family Sports Center


The games will be concurrent events organized bracket style. Brackets will be posted at the event. Team captains are responsible for assigning team members to events (keep in mind that some events will overlap so you will need enough individual team members to cover the various events). All events have some level of physical risk, which participants agree to review the level of risk and have acknowledged on the participant waiver.


Broom Racing: Two people from each team will participate. Five people per heat will run a 100 yard dash with brooms between their legs. Will run heats depending on the number of teams signed up. 
Munchkin Tug of War: Five people from a team must participate. The bracket will be chosen randomly among registered teams. Participants stand on their knees in order to decrease height and attempt to pull the other team across the line while doing so. Knee pads and/or long pants are recommended!
Tin man relays: Four players required per team. Each player will run one ‘leg’ of the track. Players will wear boxy silver cardboard outfits and have a run around the track in their Tin Man costumes. They will pass ruby slippers as batons off to their fellow runners. All parts of the Tin Man costume need to remain on the body for the duration of the race
Apple Tree Shot Put: Three people per team will participate to see who can shot put/ throw the apple the farthest. 


*Brooms, Rope, Tin Man outfit, and apples will be provided. 



Chelsea Pulice

Ellerie Ambrose



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