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Science On Tap: Comparative Primate Birth Mechanics

Science On Tap: Comparative Primate Birth Mechanics

Date and Time

Thursday, January 9, 2020
8:00 p.m.


  • SpeakEZ Lounge | 600 Monroe Ave. NW Grand Rapids 49503


Science on Tap, co-sponsored by GVSU and SpeakEZ Lounge, is an opportunity for conversation, debate and interaction between scientists and the public while drinking beer. Each month at SpeakEZ, a knowledgeable expert hosts a scientific discussion about current topics in the news such as ebola and the paleo diet. This is a great chance to exercise your academic interests in a casual setting while enjoying great food and adult beverages.

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Title: Comparative Primate Birth Mechanics

Speaker: Natalie Laudicina, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, GVSU

Event Description:

There have been over 60 years of research examining why human childbirth is uniquely hard compared to other primates. In this talk, Dr. Natalie Laudicina will be discussing her dissertation research where she reconstructed how birth would occur in other primates, across 4 million years of hominin evolution, and how she came to some surprising conclusions.   





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