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Psychology Faculty Research Colloquia

Date and Time

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
3:30 PM


  • 308 Padnos Hall (PAD)


April 3rd -- Todd Williams:  An Examination of Worldview Accommodation: A Non-Defensive Defense Against Worldview Threats

Although terror management research has focused extensively on defensive responses to threat such as derogation, scant research to date has assessed alternative responses. One such alternative, termed accommodation, involves accepting and incorporating parts of the threatening information into existing belief-structures. The present research assessed the effects of threat, mortality salience, and trait self-esteem on worldview accommodation. Three studies are presented showing that people will generally accommodate their worldview in response to threat (vs. no-threat control). When threat is combined with mortality salience, however, only participants with low self-esteem tended to respond with accommodation. Participants with high self-esteem, by contrast, refused to accommodate (Studies 1-3) and opted instead to derogate the source of threat (Studies 2-3). Similarly, low self-esteem individuals who affirmed an important value also chose to forgo accommodation in favour of derogation (Study 3). Discussion focuses on implications for terror management theory.



Mike Wolfe ( -- Psychology Department



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