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Psychology Faculty Research Colloquia

Psychology Faculty Research Colloquia

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
3:30 PM


  • 308 Padnos Hall (PAD)


March 13th -- Jenny Gross:  Forecasting Teaching Evaluations for Student, Teacher, and Relational Components:  Predicting more of the professors more of the time

In applied settings, psychological measurement often relies upon human judgment and forecasting these judgments is an important research focus.  Judgments are typically composed of a blend of three influences: raters, the targets who are rated, and the relationships among raters and targets.  Nonetheless, most research focuses on only one of these influences, likely limiting predictive accuracy.  We forecasted students’ evaluations of college lectures from students’ reactions to brief video trailers.  Teaching evaluations were influenced strongly by raters, targets, and relationships.  Rater and target influences could be forecasted with excellent accuracy.  Relational influences could be forecasted, but with less accuracy. Positive affect in response to trailers was an excellent predictor of teaching evaluations.   Each influence independently contributed to predictive accuracy.  Thus, isolating three influences permitted greater predictive accuracy than focusing on a single influence.  Implications for forecasting human judgments in general, as well as student teaching evaluations specifically will be discussed.


Mike Wolfe ( - Psychology Department



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