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Michigan History Day Regional Competition

Date and Time

Saturday, March 17, 2012
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


  • Kirkhof Center
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2201
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2204 PERE MARQUETTE
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2215
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2215/2216
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2216
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2250 GRAND RIVER ROOM
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2259
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2263
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2264
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2266
  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2270


ALLENDALE, Mich.  Performances, presentations, interviews and questions from judges are what lies ahead for young students headed to the Michigan History Day western regional contest to be held at Grand Valley State University on Saturday, March 17. Michigan History Day offers a fascinating opportunity to move social studies beyond rote learning. Middle and high school students perform self-directed research on an individually chosen topic then present their work through the allied disciplines of art, literature, music, drama, and visual communications, in addition to writing. Over two hundred thirty students representing many West Michigan area schools registered their entries for this years contest, following the theme, Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History. From 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Kirkhof Center on Grand Valleys Allendale Campus, they will compete in two divisions: Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior (grades 9-12). There is also a noncompetitive youth division for fourth and fifth graders who may come to the competition for judging. Entrants present in one of five categories: individual paper, and individual or group exhibits, documentaries, websites and performances. Judges are faculty and graduates from Grand Valleys history department, local teachers and community historians. They will select the top three entries in each division and category, which will advance to the state contest, held at Central Michigan University, on April 28. It is the goal of the program to empower students with research skills, critical thinking skills and outlets for creative expression, which will enhance their academic abilities in all areas of study. Sponsors for the local event include Grand Valley State University, the College of Letters Arts and Sciences and the Department of History, The Historical Society of Michigan, The Michigan Council for History Education, Meijer, Amway, and The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation.


For more information contact Sean ONeill, GVSU professor of history, at (616) 331-3325 or 331-3298. Teachers experienced at guiding students through the History Day program are listed opposite their schools; they would be good contacts for interviews. Schools participating include: Senior Category Comstock Park High School Karen Auwers Forrest Hills Eastern High School Lea Sevigny Holland High School Mark Knopf Whitehall High School Jan Klco and Robb Zoellmer Montague High School Jan Klco and Robb Zoellmer Junior Category Ada Christian Middle School Henry Witte Forrest Hills Central Middle School Paul Ten Eyck Forrest Hills Eastern Middle School James Cross, Adam McVicker & Lea Sevigny Northern Middle School (Forrest Hills) Mary Beth McMahon, Zuiderveen and Patrick Stecco Holland Public Schools: Holland Heights Gary Vosburg & Ryan Harrell Jefferson East West Nellie B. Chisholm Middle School David Vermeulen Orchard View Middle School Nick Cole Whitehall Middle School Jan Klco and Robb Zoellmer Youth Category Ada Elementary School



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