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Let's Talk About "IT" by Kelly and Becca - LIB 100 Approved!

Kelly and Becca discussing "IT"

Kelly and Becca discussing "IT"

Date and Time

Monday, April 2, 2012
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2250 GRAND RIVER ROOM


First event of Sexual Assault Awareness Week! Being put on by Eyes Wide Open Kelly and Becca's passion for sharing Let's Talk About "IT", stems from Kelly's experience with sexual assault while in college, it's impact on their lives, the trauma of the resulting pregnancy and the critical role their friendship played in the recovery process. Unlike any other program on the topic of sexual violence Kelly and Becca use humor to both inform and inspire. Using their signature three step model, they teach participants how they can help reduce sexual violence. Armed with their personal experience, expertise and unique ability to relate to each member of the audience this program treats both men and women as allies while focusing on the importance of communication, bystander prevention, personal responsibility and supporting survivors. Using sexual empowerment as their platform they decode the toxic language surrounding sex and offer innovative ways to address alcohol, sex under the influence and date rape drugs. Always upbeat their emphasis is on acknowledging that students are not the problem but the solution. Learn how you can be a part of the solution and leave with the tools to make your community a safer place. You will laugh, you will be inspired and you will know how to leave your campus better than you found IT! Individuals who participate in this session will... -Learn how to define sexual assault, consent, coercion, rape trauma syndrome and sexual empowerment. -Learn how to treat men and women as allies in addressing issues related to sexual assault and sexual health. -Understand the risks and myths surrounding sex under the influence. -Be challenged to take responsibility for the choices they make regarding alcohol. -Be introduced to the feelings of a survivor of sexual assault and provided steps to supporting him/her. -Be introduced to strategies for preventing sexual assault and effectively communicating sexual boundaries. -Leave the session with new tools to address and reduce sexual assault.



Ariel Rojo Secretary of Eyes Wide Open Co-chair of SAAW (734) 756-6684 Lauren Jablonski Co-chair of SAAW



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