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Humans vs. Zombies Run

Human's vs. Zombies Run 2012!

Human's vs. Zombies Run 2012!

Date and Time

Saturday, November 17, 2012
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


  • Kirkhof Center » RM 0058 Thornapple


The Laker Village Community Council would like to extend a broken arm to your community to partake in the first ever Grand Valley State University Zombie Run on Sat. Nov. 17th! The idea is simple: have a group of students (human survivors) run from one side of campus to a safe zone, all while traversing a campus full of zombies (a different group of students). To make things even more interesting, if you can find three survivors throughout campus, they will give you a stamp. Collect three stamps, and become immune to the virus!

Here is how the game would work:
1. Must wear an orange bandana at all times around their arms. Bandanas will be provided.
2.Depending on where residents live, their starting point will vary.
3.If tagged by a Zombie, the Human becomes infected and is converted into a Zombie for the duration of the game, in which the bandana will be wrapped around their heads
4.The Goal: Make it to the safe zone without getting tagged

1.Must wear orange headband at all times. Bandanas will be provided.
2.Will be placed throughout campus and await the survivors to attack.
3.The Goal: Tag* as many humans as possible
*Tag= A firm hand touch

There will be an after party in Kirkhof in Thornapple from 9-11!


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