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Guest Artist Recital: Noa Even, saxophone and interactive electronics

Noa Even

Noa Even

Date and Time

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


  • Haas Center for Performing Arts » 1325 - Sherman Van Solkema Hall


At a time when our society seems increasingly fragmented, politically polarized, and disillusioned, it's essential that we strive to value and nurture human connection on a daily basis. Inspired to explore this idea of shared space, I launched ATOMIC, a long-term commissioning project of works for solo saxophone, interactive electronics, and interactive video. Each of the four initial collaborations tackles a unique topic within the overarching theme of connection. Through ATOMIC, I am to create shared space, encourage self-reflection, and spark dialogue. 


bodies immutable - music by LJ White, video by Jason Charney
"Inspired by the evolution of an increasingly thriving American transgender community, LJ and Jason aim to capture the positive effects of support from allies and those within the trans community. The saxophonist represents a member of the trans community who bravely becomes visible and inspires others to live their truth." 

Transduction - music and video by Christopher Biggs
"Transduction is energy conversion. All human perception involves energy transduction, which is what connects us with the external world and each other. Chris demonstrates this concept by using the kinetic energy of the saxophonist to dictate all media throughout the piece." 

Do I Regret? - music by José Martinez, video by Michael Bruner 
"The impossibility of re-living one's past is pursued through the use of recorded and manipulated improvisation. This work explores the connection one has to their past and highlights implications of how the past affects our current behavior and relationships."

b(locked.orders) - music by Emily Koh, video by Michiko Saiki
"Executive Order 13769 of early 2017, more commonly known as the travel ban, affected thousands of American immigrants. The piece sonifies the stifled voices of immigrants from across the globe in their adopted countries, as well as the stifled voices of locals within their home countries."


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