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Excellence Series: Breaking the Entitlement Mentality

Excellence Series: Breaking the Entitlement Mentality

Date and Time

Thursday, November 8, 2012
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


  • Kirkhof Center » RM 2263


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Workshop presented by Cindy Daniel, Not So Basic Training
What has happened to our work ethic? Leaders are frustrated by the “entitlement mentality” that is so prevalent in the workplace today. Employees don’t want to work very hard, yet they still expect raises, bonuses, vacation time, etc. Statistics tell us that 57% of salaried workers say that they take sick days, even when they aren’t sick! What can you do to change the attitude of an “entitled” employee to an “engaged” employee?
Train your leaders!! We have developed a popular session that targets these issues. We have to remember, the workplace is changing. As leaders we have to stay on top of these changes and learn how to manage and motivate in the new environment.
This session includes discussion of the following:
·         Understanding the entitlement mentality and its causes
·         The importance of good orientation systems
·         How to create a culture of engagement
·         How to set expectations and create accountability
·         Tips for incentive programs that reward engagement, not entitlement


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