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Date and Time

Friday, April 20, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


  • Kirkhof Center


Friday, 20 April, 2018


Kirkhof Center

All are welcome.


SESSION I: 9 a.m.
Panel A: Avenues of Communication
Room: KC 2259
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Lindsay Ellis, Dr. Karen Pezzetti
Lacey J. Lehman, “Bilingualism and the Importance of Dual Language Immersion Programs in
Early Education.”
Larissa Hershberger, “The Benefits of Adapting Bilingual Immersion Programs in Our Schools”
Curtis Neff, “Navigating Codes: Code-Meshing as a Solution to Faulty Code-Switching”

Panel B: Challenging the Curriculum
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rachel Anderson, Dr. Kurt Bullock
Allison Srmek, “The Freedom to a Dutch and Irish Education”
Blake Marvin, “A Progressive Take on the Stagnant Secondary English Curriculum”
Alicia Cole, “Two Sides of Literature: Teaching Young Adult and Classic Literature Together”

SESSION II: 10 a.m.
Panel C: Censorship & Sexuality
Room: KC 2259
Facilitators: Dr. Kathleen Blumreich, Dr. Ashley Shannon
Lindsay Seekell, “Censorship in K–12 Schools: Is It Protecting or Providing a Disservice to Our
Amanda Hoskins, “Censoring Books: Where Have All the Sexual Orientation Books Gone?”
Jake Abbott, “It’s Okay to Be Gay: Fighting Heteronormativity with LGBT Literature in
Elementary Classrooms”

Panel D: Teaching with Technology
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rachel Anderson, Dr. Dan Brown
Colbie Wakeley, “Technology Benefiting the Teacher and Learner”
Katelyn Kastner, “Preparing ELLs with Technology”
Lauren Mistry, “iTeach: The Future of Technology in the Classroom”

SESSION III: 11 a.m.
Panel E: Changing Pedagogies, Changing Lives
Room: KC 2259
Facilitators: Dr. Amy Masko, Dr. Brian White
Mary Dieterly, “The Benefits of Project-Based, Child-Led Learning”
Ashley Jones, “Teaching Intersectionality in the Classroom”
Krystal Hornecker, “#ArmMeWith: Critical Literacy Strategies to Change Communities”

Panel F: The Teaching of Writing
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Colleen Brice, Dr. Dan Brown
Erin Gogolin, “The Link Between Teacher Preparation Programs and Adolescent Motivation to
Kristi Kolb, “The Mixed Correlation between Writing and Anxiety: How Can Teachers Reduce
Rising Levels of Anxiety in Students Today?”
Jenna Hiltunen, “Assessing the Progress of School-Age ESL Learners in the English Writing

Panel G: Representing Diversity
Room: KC 2259
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Karen Pezzetti, Dr. Brian White
Emilee Dubois, “The Dangerous Representation of Characters with Disabilities in Children’s
Tess Hart, “The Impact of Multicultural Literature: Decreasing Discrimination through Global
Heather Brinks, “Using Multicultural Literature to Combat the Opportunity Gap”

Panel H: Language-Learning Policies & Practices
Room: KC 2263
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Colleen Brice, Dr. Shinian Wu
Julie Vander Loo, “Strategies for Teaching Immersion Education”
Maddie Danaher, “The Consequences that Language Restrictive Policies Have on Our ELL Youth”
Ariel Davids, “Multimodal Approaches in the Classroom”

Panel I: Beyond the Dark Side
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Ben Lockerd, Dr. Brian Deyo
Abby Mulcahy, “Opening the Curiosity Door: The Moral Imagination in Stranger Things”
Samantha Huebler, “Breaking the Wheel: The Rise of the Underdog and Shifts of Power in
Game of Thrones”
Dan Sommerville, “The Power of the Dark Side: Examining the Evolution of the Hero’s Journey
within the Star Wars Saga”

SESSION V: 1 p.m.
Panel J: Literary Answers for Today’s Issues
Room: KC 2259
Faculty Facilitators: Ms. Gayle Johnson, Dr. Ashley Shannon
Rex Curtis, “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a Warning for Artificial Intelligence”
Matthew Artis, Jr., “The Need to Protect the Peace: The Misuse of Surveillance and ‘Justice’ in
Ellorie Kenyon, “Beyond ‘Thoughts and Prayers’: Religion, Action, and Survival in Dystopian

Panel K: Literacy Concerns
Room: KC 2263
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rob Rozema, Dr. Shinian Wu
Sarah Hendrickson, “Approaches to Shrinking the Opportunity Gap in Literacy Development”
Lizzy Ketchum, “Meeting the Needs of Autism Spectrum Disorder Students”
Alexandra Job, “Literacy and Manipulatives/Puppets: What Is the Correlation?”

Panel L: Poetry Hour—Dickinson, Plath & Lorde
Room: 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Brian Deyo, Dr. Jo Miller
Ashley Troxell, “Poetry Analysis of Emily Dickinson”
Anne Marie Smit, “Identity, Anger, and Protest: An Examination of the Poetry of Sylvia Plath
and Audre Lorde within the Scope of Feminist Politics”

SESSION VI: 2 p.m.
Panel M: The Teaching of Literature & Literacy
Room: KC 2259
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rachel Anderson, Ms. Gayle Johnson
Audrey Batka, “Death in Children’s Literature: We Teach Our Children about Death, and How to
Cope with Their Experiences”
Jill Boersma, “Fantasy: A Miracle Drug?”
Makala Langeland, “Digital Literacy in the English Language Arts Classroom”

Panel N: Graphic Voices
Room: KC 2263
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Kurt Bullock, Dr. Rob Rozema
Tim Stillson, “Calvin and Hobbes as a Contemporary American Voice: Comics Are No Laughing
Tyler Eskovitz, “Bridging the Gap: Comic Utility for Classics and the Modern Reader”
Cynthia Fisher, “Graphic Classics”

Panel O: Literary Evolutions
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rob Franciosi, Dr. Michael Webster
Roxanne Henley, “The Decline in Picture Book Word Count”
Bonnie Barnum, “Evolution of Fairy Tales: From Oral to Disney”
Megan Bowers, “Anne Frank as a Literary Critic”

Panel P: Moving to the Beat
Room: KC 2259
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Rachel Anderson, Dr. Christy Pearson
Emmie Carr, “Fighting the Power from Within the Power: Using Hip Hop Based Education as a
Mode of Critical Pedagogy”
Kayci Marr, “Rapper’s Delight, Female Fright”
Anna Gall, “The Promising Link Between Reading Instruction and Movement in the Classroom”

Panel Q: Emotive Reading
Room: KC 2263
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Kurt Bullock, Dr. Regis Fox
Ashley Clein, “’I Is the Hardest Word to Define’: An Exploration of John Green’s Portrayal of
Illness within Turtles All the Way Down”
Autumn Stein, “Human–Animal Relationships: The Positive Effects Animals Have on Our
Emotional Well Being”
Caitlynn Webb, “Using Good Books to Replace The Good Book”
Panel R: Literary Passages
Room: KC 2266
Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Ben Lockerd, Dr. Michael Webster
Samantha Lang, “Imp of the ODD: The Gallows Humor of Edgar Allan Poe”
Skye Grit: “Reinventing the Vampire: A Comparison of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Jewelle
Gomez’s The Gilda Stories”
Daniel Taccolini, “Timshel as Man’s Ladder to the Stars: Revisiting John Steinbeck’s East of



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