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Bodies of Work: Digital Corpora for Teaching and Research - LIB 100 APPROVED!

Date and Time

Friday, September 28, 2018
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


  • 179 Lake Ontario Hall


Seminar by Prof. Peter Anderson, Classics

Following upon his work for a two week 2018 NEH Institute for Advanced Technology in the Digital Humanities ("Digital Editions, Digital Corpora, and new Possibilities for the Humanities in the Academy and Beyond"), which brought together 25 digital humanities projects from across Europe, North America, and South America, Professor of Classics Peter Anderson will describe his born-digital project on early modern Latin translations of ancient Greek texts, in particular competing 16th and 17th century translations of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.

When Greek texts were rediscovered and began to be published in volume during the 15th through 17th centuries, they were very often printed with a Latin translation that was usually the primary point of access for most readers. There are 1000s and 1000s of pages of these translations, largely neglected by scholarship, but increasingly available as digital images. “Translating” these digital image resources into useable bodies of textual (and meta-textual) data for a specific research project is complex and challenging. Building a digital resource which is also useful for other researchers with different research questions is an additional challenge. Such projects offer a fantastic opportunity for involving students at every stage of the long process of building a research corpus. Anderson will discuss his current project and research goals, his work at the NEH Digital Humanities Seminar, and will explore the potential and challenges of these digital corpora and the opportunities for teaching, faculty research, and student research collaborations that are inherent in creating sustainable digital humanities resources.  This seminar is sponsored by the Classics Department.



Peter Anderson,



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