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A Fresh Look at Teaching Series

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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Join us for a conversation around a scholarly article on teaching and learning. In the Fresh Look series, recent pieces published on specific topics will be reviewed and discussed. Particularly if you are teaching in the General Education Program, these learning goals will be relevant to your courses. Those not currently teaching a general education course are of course invited to participate. Registrants will receive a copy of the article in advance of the session. If you are interested in receiving resources on these topics but are unable to attend, please contact Christine Rener (  


Events being March 11, 2014. Register here!


Session Descriptions:

A Fresh Look at Teaching: INTEGRATION
Helping students synthesize and apply existing knowledge, past experiences, and other perspectives to new, complex situations. Assignments and activities that encourage critical reflection, ask student to teach one another, and apply theory to practice in a variety of settings all help development integrative habits of mind. 


A Fresh Look at Teaching: PROBLEM SOLVING 

Helping students to develop their abilities to define and solve problems by seeking and identifying relevant contextual information, formulating strategies, and proposing and evaluating potential solutions. Articulating a framework for problem solving is different than a formula driven approach. Having students make visible their thinking during the problem solving process is an important pedagogical approach. 



Helping students develop new ways of thinking and to use systematic reasoning to examine and evaluate ideas. Assessing the ways in which students approach and dissect arguments can be challenging. Encouraging the use of imagination and originality in coursework often requires innovative teaching strategies. 


A Fresh Look at Teaching: ETHICAL REASONING

Helping students recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings and contexts, identify different systems of ethical reasoning, and assessing the consequences of those choices. 



Description Coming Soon!


A Fresh Look at Teaching: ORAL COMMUNICATION 

Description Coming Soon!


A Fresh Look at Teaching: INFORMATION LITERACY 

Description Coming Soon!








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