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12th Annual Grand Valley State University Doctorate in Physical Therapy Research Day

Date and Time

Friday, July 13, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


  • DeVos Center » 122E - Loosemore Auditorium


The GVSU Physical Therapy Faculty and DPT Graduating Class of 2018 cordially invite you to attend Annual DPT Research Day to be held on Friday, July 13th, 2018 (8:30-4:00 pm) at Loosemore Auditorium, GVSU Downtown DeVos Campus.

Please join us as our DPT Graduating Class 2018 shares their research with the community and our clinical partners.

Below is a summary of the program schedule with times and titles of the presentations.   We invite you to attend all or part of the day as your schedule allows. Research Posters will be on display all day.

We appreciate your ongoing support for our students and our program.

We are pleased to announce that GVSU will offer CEU’s for this event.


DPT Research Day

July 13, 2018

Session Schedule

8:30 - 8:40           Opening Remarks: Cathy C. Harro, PT, DPT, MS, NCS

Platform Presentations - Session I  

8:40 - 9:00           Power Mobility Training Using a Modified Head Array Device with a Five-Year-Old Child with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report

                             Presenters: Krista Guinther, Rebecca Kuster, Kirsten Racinski

                             Faculty Mentor: Lisa K. Kenyon, PT, DPT, Ph.D., PCS

9:00 - 9:20           Power Mobility Training for a Toddler with Arthrogryposis: A Case Report       

                             Presenters: Alyssa Chapman, Kelly Gotberg, Cathryn Hoffman

                             Faculty Mentor: Lisa K. Kenyon, PT, DPT, Ph.D., PCS

9:20 - 9:40          The Effect of Daily Fatigue on Balance in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: Preliminary Findings       

                            Presenters: Amanda Borieo, Kahley Emens, Addie Ingles

                            Faculty Mentor: Barbara Baker, PT, Ph.D., NCS

9:40 - 10:00       Clinical Instructors' Perceptions of DPT Student Behaviors During Clinical Education

                           Presenters: Andrew Fila, Leslie Kempers, Aimee Sudek                         

                           Faculty Mentors:  Karen Ozga, PT, DPT, MMSc; Lisa K. Kenyon, PT, DPT, Ph.D., PCS


10:00 - 11:00                                                  Poster Presentations - Atrium

Poster Presenters will be available to discuss their research and answer questions.                                

Refreshments available in the foyer.


Poster #1:           The Influence of Conservative Interventions in the Management of Piriformis Syndrome: A Systematic Review

                             Presenters:  Josh Nagel, Kyle Suminski, Kyle Wesche

                             Faculty Mentor:  Dan Vaughn, PT, PhD

Poster #2:            Management of a Male Soccer Player with Femoro-acetabular Impingement with Emphasis on Sport-Specific Intervention: A Case                               Report      

                             Presenter:  Nicholas Manzer

                              Faculty Mentor:  Laurie Stickler, PT, DHS, OCS

Poster #3:            Influence of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education on Pain and Functional Outcome Measures in Patients with Fibromyalgia

                              Presenters: Austin Cammire, Steven Hartong, Camille Lutz

                              Faculty Mentor: Dan Vaughn, PT, PhD

   Poster #4:            Assessing the Intra-Rater Reliability of the Plug-in Gait and Oxford Foot Models during Treadmill Running Presenters: Tracy                                         Broomell, Jaycie Littley, Brady Smith              

                               Faculty Mentor: Gordon Alderink, PT, PhD

Poster #5:            The Effects of Footwear on Postural Sway in Community Dwelling Older Adults

                              Presenters: Kristi Cekander, James Clark, Laura Subject

                              Faculty Mentor: Meri Goehring, PT, Ph.D., GCS, CWS 

Poster #6             Effectiveness of Visual Scanning Training at Reducing the Effects of Left Neglect: A Systematic Review            

                             Presenters: Anna M. Bennison, Kelly J. Rohde, Lindsey D. Timmer

                             Faculty Mentors: Barbara Baker, PT, Ph.D., NCS; Bonni L. Kinne, PT, DHSc

Poster #7             Three Dimensional Analysis of Dynamic Balance During Obstacle Crossing and Walking at Self Selected Speed in Individuals with                                Parkinson’s Disease      

                              Presenters: Michele Avery, Courtney Daman, Dori Laker        

                              Faculty Mentor: Gordon Alderink, PT, PhD

Poster #8             Comprehensive Physical Therapy Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Case                                                                      Report  

                              Presenter:  Michael C. Sanders

                              Faculty Mentor: Mary Green, PT, MS, JD

Platform Presentations—Session II

11:00 - 11:20      Post-Concussion Physical Therapy Examination and Intervention: Comparing and Contrasting to Current Clinical Practice                                              Guidelines: A Case Report    

                             Presenter: Erica Little

                            Faculty Mentor: Brianna Chesser, PT, MPT

11:20 - 11:40      Physical Therapist Determination of Discharge Disposition in the Acute Care Setting

                            Presenters: Amanda Gutowski, Megan Mallgren, Laura Oliver

                           Faculty Mentor: Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, DPT, Ph.D., GCS  

11:40 - 12:00      Discharge Recommendation Clinical Decision Making for a 51-Year-Old Male with a Tibial Plateau Fracture: A Case Report

                           Presenter:  Nathan Paul                   

                          Faculty Mentor: Barbara J. Hoogenboom, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC

Platform Presentations—Session III


1:15 - 1:35           A Comparison of EMG Activation in Shoulder Girdle Musculature during Open and Closed-Handed Grip External Rotation Elastic                                  Resistance Exercises

                            Presenters:  Haley Dekkinga, Kate Huyser, Ellen Miller

                            Faculty Mentor:  Barbara J. Hoogenboom, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC

1:35 – 1:55          Treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points       

                            Presenters: Dustin Karlik, Katie Partyka, Noah Reyhl

                            Faculty Mentor:  Jon Rose, PT, MS, SCS, ATC

1:55 - 2:15           Development and Pilot of the Runner’s Health Choices Questionnaire (RHCQ)

                              Presenters: Alexandra Arnold, Shelby Myers, Madeleine Sampson                      

                              Faculty Mentor: Laurie Stickler, PT, DHS, OCS

2:15-2:35             Survey Research of Physical Therapists’ Perceived Knowledge and Beliefs of Return to Learn following a                                                                       Concussion

                              Presenters: Tracey Allers, Chelsea Bartlett, Jenae Brown

                              Faculty Mentor:  Jon Rose, PT, MS, SCS, ATC

2:35- 2:50            Afternoon Break

Platform Presentations-Session IV


2:50 - 3:10           Somatic Tinnitus and Manual Therapy: A Systematic Review                 

                             Presenters: Linnea C. Bays, Kara L. Fahlen, Jillian S. Owens

                              Faculty Mentor:  Bonni L. Kinne, PT, DHSc

3:10 - 3:30           Clinical Reasoning Patterns of Physical Therapists in the Treatment of Cervicogenic Headache

                              Presenters: Cameron Faller, Ian Heinicke, Amanda Kushba

                              Faculty Mentor: Corey Sobeck, PT, DScPT, OCS, OMPT

3:30-3:50             An investigation of the Clinical Reasoning Patterns of Physical Therapists in the Selection of Cervical Spine High Velocity Low                                       Amplitude Joint Manipulation in Patients with Neck Pain

                              Presenters: Kathryn Collins, Kelsey Galuardi, Kayla Sahr

                              Faculty Mentors: Corey Sobeck, PT, DScPT, OCS, OMPT

3:50-3:55             Closing Remarks

                              Michael J. Shoemaker, PT, DPT, PhD, GCS  



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