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GVSU holds technology workshop for Cass Tech students

November 03, 2016

GVSU holds technology workshop for Cass Tech students

More than 20 students from Cass Technical High School in Detroit learned about the latest business technologies during the SAP® Young Thinkers Program hosted by Grand Valley's Seidman College of Business and SAP University Alliance. The event was held October 28 at the GVSU Detroit Center in downtown Detroit.

Students spent the day participating in hands-on exercises that tested their analytical and creative thinking skills, while learning about careers in business and technology. They learned about business and data processes, including working with SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) software.  

The program aims to help young students understand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and its impact on businesses and everyday life. ERP refers to the automation and integration of a company’s core business to help focus on effectiveness and simplified success.

"Students were able to see how technology and working as a team is a big part of any business career," said Meagan Knoll, clinical affiliate professor in the Seidman College of Business. "The workshop sparked new interest for students to pursue careers in business and technology and that is the goal of Young Thinkers."

The program is sponsored by General Motors, SAP University Alliance and the Enterprise Systems Student Union. 

For more information, contact Meagan Knoll at (616) 331-7346.

For More Information Contact: Dottie Barnes in University Communications - 616-331-2221


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